Insurance Intelligence for Commercial Insurers and Brokers
We enable our clients to improve the reach and profitability of their business in the SME market.

Digital Fineprint, a multi-award winning insurtech that focuses on helping insurers to solve under-insurance in SME market.

There are two issues which commercial insurers, MGAs and brokers face when seeking to improve the reach and profitability of their business in the SME sector of the market. The first is that SMEs don’t understand their vulnerabilities; the second is that the insurance community doesn’t build the products and solutions to protect SMEs from those risks.

Our product – DFP Risk Atlas – provides insurance intelligence that clearly shows the SME business owner where their risks lie, and shows the insurance community which products and solutions to build to protect from those risks.

DFP Risk Atlas is a SaaS platform insurance intelligence solution using data analytics and AI to deliver actionable insights for the insurance community.

These actionable insights enable you to:

Our Clients and Partners

‘Love working with DFP team on the ongoing pilot for their product recommendation engine. Not only because of the cool technology they are offering, but also because of their creativity and perseverance in making sure it works for us at Hiscox. The fact that the team is really well put together and fun to hang out with during and after hours is an added bonus to the whole collaboration!’ 

‘DFP is a formidable partner. They bring a powerful combination of expertise, intellect and drive to the programme that we are developing. Also, not unimportantly, they are a pleasure to work with.’

‘DFP have played a very important part in helping QBE rebase our marketing away from sponsorship and promotion led activity to targeted advertising driven by actionable insight to encourage a more engaging customer journey throughout our European Operations. It is a pleasure to work with the team who have been instrumental in driving very impressive results that are having a very positive impact on the way we engage our target audience in marketing and in distribution.’ 

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