DFP Apprenticeship

In the light of the National Apprenticeship Week, Digital Fineprint (DFP) is proud to present our first apprentice in the tech department, Sadik Moazzem, 19, software developer apprentice in October 2018.


Sadik  joined DFP with a prospect of experiencing software engineering through a commercial lens. It was an opportunity for him to practise newly acquired techniques with direct effect on the customer. Working to meet demands of the insurance industry has without a doubt accelerated Sadik’s progress and afforded him to apply theory into practice.


In order to ease Sadik into the “real work”, we allocated a few weeks of additional training prior to the official start in November.  A month in, he began working on back-end programming for the DFP website with the aim of starting to really engage with the company from January. He has been adding value to the company since.


When we asked Sadik about what he enjoys the most at DFP he expressed his appreciation for the freedom that he is given here. Instead of being thrown into the deep end, the DFP tech team motivated him to get an independent understanding of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence tools and how it can be used in the insurance. During the training period,  he got the chance to build his own products and experiment with the software systems to grasp the complexity of the concepts at his own pace. Building up on top of the fundamental basics he is now able to apply that knowledge independently to match the request of the customer.


DFP’s meaning of apprenticeship


At DFP we strongly advocate the act of training as the fundamental purpose of an apprenticeship. We engage every member of our dynamic team in order to provide the best service, as well as maintain the level of employment satisfaction at the very top, currently exceeding 95%!


“The value of apprenticeship lies in helping us understand capabilities of people from lower level background and how we can cultivate their potential to a professional standard”, said DFP’s Chief Technology Officer, Geth Dunne.


“The apprenticeship has provided an opportunity for our team members to step back and reflect on their own methodology and come up with the best practices possible in order to set an exemplar model for trainees to learn from. Thus, we encourage other start-up companies and businesses to definitely go for it! It has caused us to be better in what we’re doing.”


Value of apprenticeship


Whilst Sadik views apprenticeship as something novel in the sense that it does not follow the tradition of going to university and getting a degree, he believes that “if you have a certain goal and the apprenticeship is going to take you there, then that is the way.” Fortunately for him, “it was the best choice”.


Completing an apprenticeship is a great opportunity to get a head start and to familiarise yourself with the commercial world.


“Apprenticeship is more motivational for me than school because I can put newly acquired techniques immediately to use in the real world and master them faster. It’s more beneficial to receive real life experience without finding yourself in debt of money and time”, said Sadik.


Apprenticeship allows you to embrace yourself in the industry and simultaneously learn and contribute to the company. Four months into the apprenticeship, Sadik can now write code more efficiently and understand more programming principles. Working  in the business environment  has also facilitated his understanding of how to engage in teamwork and the importance of meeting deadlines.


At the end of his apprenticeship Sadik will be granted the qualification of Level 3 Software Developer Apprentice, equivalent of two A*s at A-level. Our training will also provide Sadik with a proficiency in coding that he can then use to obtain Vendor qualifications.


As DFP continues to thrive, we are looking to expand our company and share our expertise through apprenticeships and other forms of training. If you think you’ve got what it takes to make a contribution to DFP get in touch with us via enquiries@digitalfineprint.com.


Written by Leyla Saatova

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