Euler Hermes, the world’s leading trade credit insurer and part of the Allianz group, recently started to work with award-winning insurtech, Digital Fineprint (DFP), to better understand the opportunities of open data in the trade credit insurance market. Digital Fineprint is working with Euler Hermes’ Digital team based out of Hong Kong to explore how DFP’s technology could be used to enhance customer profiles, and identify the most profitable niches in their market.

The project is centred on data enrichment and customer analysis that would generate actionable insights to deepen Euler Hermes’ understanding of their trade credit insurance customers. Digital Fineprint conducted a comprehensive customer analysis, identifying features of existing clients and, amongst other areas, exploring how sentiment scores correlated to customer performance. The insurtech delivered an enriched data set with insights on the profiles of Euler Hermes’ loyal customers and likely triggers for future purchases. The first results of the project highlighted the potential for Euler Hermes to enhance their prospecting capabilities and distribution performance, and created the foundation for further partnership between the two businesses.

Earlier this year Euler Hermes was named as the best trade credit insurance brand in Asia-Pacific by Global Brands Magazine. Their work with DFP is another step towards their focus on helping their customers grow their businesses, by securing their cashflows and giving them the confidence to develop in export markets.

Announcing the successful completion of the first phase of the project, Caroline Paulhan, Head of Digital Transformation APAC at Euler Hermes Digital Agency said: ”Digital Fineprint’s unique vision – empowering incumbent insurers active in the B2B space to target untapped customer segments is a perfect match with what the Digital team of Euler Hermes is pursuing! Working with a team that knows the particularities of the insurance world made a massive difference, and Alex, Erik and Keith’s dedication was impressive. That first experiment has already provided us access to invaluable insights and we’re looking forward to the next step in our collaboration.”

Alex Hammick, Digital Fineprint’s COO commented on the partnership: “Working with Caroline and the EH team has been a pleasure, and this partnership has been a great example of how large incumbents and rapidly scaling insurtechs can work alongside each other in a collaborate manner. The key contributors to the success of this project were open communication, an agile approach to problem solving and a strong commitment from both sides to make it work. The results we achieved so far are exciting and set the stage for the next phase of the project.”

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