Every year, NTT Data goes out searching for the world’s best analytics companies, in order to secure new partnership opportunities. This year, Digital Fineprint (DFP) was named first the best company in the UK and now also best global offering for insurance, at the international final happening in Tokyo, Japan.



Mark Masterson, SVP and Head of New Ventures at NTT Data gave the following explanation for DFP’s win:

“What jumped out, both in the application process, and then in their winning pitch, was the level of professionalism. Erik and his team ooze competence and a corresponding level of confidence. Combined with a compelling value prop, that made for an irresistible combination. A combination that, in turn, led to them being selected as the global domain champion for the insurance vertical at the OIC Grand Finale in Tokyo.”

With 118,000 employees, 7,000 of which work exclusively on insurance, NTT Data is already a top 10 provider of software integration and IT services across the globe. With this global recognition, NTT Data will now help bring DFP’s offering to a wider customer group, and by working together the two firms can benefit from the new partnership.



Caroline Garratt recently joined DFP to lead strategic partnerships, and has been involved since day 1 when working with NTT Data. She had the following to say about the new partnership opportunity:

“When creating a partnership, you have to find not simply a strong fit between the capabilities and values of the two organizations, but also a strong interpersonal fit between the individual people involved. On both counts, NTT Data are amazing to work with. Their wide reach and expertise in insurance is very helpful for us, and the team here in the UK and elsewhere are very well put together. We’re incredibly excited and grateful for this amazing opportunity and can’t wait to get started!”

DFP also recently took on new investment from Eos Venture Partners and has expanded the team based in London. 2020 will see continued growth, driven by both new customers and new partnerships. The DFP data asset provides risk insights for SMEs, that is used by leading insurers for distribution and underwriting.

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