“In times of stability organizations need to do things better. In changing times, however, we need to do things differently.”

Peter Drucker, 1985

These are indeed changing times. 

In March, like most of you, we said goodbye to our office and found ourselves working from home. The team has adapted well and are flourishing in the new working environments that we have put in place. We are monitoring the situation as it develops and constantly updating how we operate so we can continue to provide you with the excellent service you expect.

In this spirit of embracing change, we also said a fond farewell to Erik, the DFP founder and former CEO. Having steered the company since its inception, he decided it was time to move on and seek other opportunities. Erik helped create a strong platform for the team and we wish him well in his future endeavours. 

No one can predict how the market and working methods will develop as we fight COVID-19. We understand the significant challenge that this will place on the insurance industry. In addition to the estimated £1.7bn UK insurers expect to pay out the crisis will, of course, have repercussions on customer behaviour. “Customers may become more discerning buyers of insurance and, as such, the quality of the services offered, and the way providers use technology to enhance these will become critical.”

Enthused by the flexible and innovative attitude of our people, we have continued to develop our offering while we wait for the world to find its feet again… During this dynamic new phase in the evolution of DFP we want to identify exactly what we can do to help our customers respond to the crisis and improve their business. We are already working on a number of exciting developments, but we would also like to understand how the pandemic has affected you and what would best help you manage the challenges ahead. 

Email us with your thoughts and insights so we can factor them into our future proofing.


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