This year has seen many changes in the way we all do business. One positive change is how DFP are transforming the way insurance companies assess and rate their customers’ risk profiles using Risk Alerts, our data-insight product for small commercial business. 

For the best results, data-insight tools like Risk Alerts work with rather than replace human judgement. And these technologies – using expansive, structured and real-time data – can save significant time and effort and improve underwriting performance.

Improving underwriting performance

According to McKinsey, 30-40% of underwriting time is spent on administrative tasks, such as rekeying data or manually executing analyses. Risk Alerts could save you up to two thirds of your admin task time, while giving you the data you need to make the best underwriting decisions for both you and your clients. By validating the accuracy of the information provided by prospective customers, we can help you flag high risk exposures. 

Data insights 

DFP works with you to understand your target segments and risk appetite. Armed with this information our in-depth and extensive web search helps us identify unusual risk characteristics  and highlight these instances to you in a cross-checked and validated report. This will help you reduce your own risk and also make sure your customers have the correct insurance to cover their needs.

Easy to use

Importantly, the platform makes it quick and easy for you to upload your information, leaving you free to actually run your business while we sift your data for the key insights you need. At the end of the process, we give you two reports containing only the information you need to make any changes. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Highly effective

In many areas of business, acquiring a deeper, more reliable overview can be difficult. But Risk Alerts offers a discrete and highly effective solution – one that we’ve already successfully used to help the Small Commercial, Direct & Partnerships division of Tier 1 Insurer, US.

“Risk Alerts allows a level of individual account underwriting that is pretty prominent in very large accounts, but allows you to do it much more cost effectively at scale for much smaller risks,” says Chief Underwriting Officer, Tier 1 Insurer, US.

“The AI has given us the ability to process this massive amount of data from inside, shifting from the ‘help me understand this risk as it is today’ to ‘help me predict what will happen with this risk in the future’.”


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