Heidi Davies: DFP’s lockdown award-winner

Any award is an achievement but winning one after just a year in a new role is pretty special. In November 2020, Heidi Davies, DFP’s Customer Success Manager, did just that. In partnership with QBE Insurance, she won the Best Customer Engagement Award in the UK Customer Service Excellence Awards. Sadly, the awards dinner at London’s Café de Paris was cancelled because of the pandemic but there’s a bottle of bubbly on ice in the office…

“QBE was a DFP client for about three years so I came in part way through this award-winning relationship,” says Heidi. “We worked with them using our technology to grow their audience and engagement and they achieved some incredible results including outperforming the group average of their nearest 10 competitors. It was great to work with their team and help them achieve the success, and fantastic to win the award.”

It’s a great kick start to DFP’s exciting year ahead – strong growth plans mean Heidi is set to be busier than ever, with more customers to add to her roster. “One upside to the pandemic is that we’ve had the summer to pin down the processes for our new business strategy,” she says.

Heidi’s role is at the core of the new strategy. “Customer Success is a big discipline in the US and it’s growing in the UK. It’s about onboarding customers effectively, understanding our customers goals and enabling them to achieve them, so when it’s time to renew they don’t go somewhere else – they stay with us. We work closely with our customers to help them reach their growth potential, as quickly as possible and in a sustainable way.”

Obviously, all the work at the moment is done by phone and Zoom. Two of DFP’s customers are based in the US and Heidi would love to go out and see them. “It’s something to look forward to as the company grows. I could be travelling all over the world – that’s the dream.”

As lovely as it is being in lockdown in rural Wales, Heidi misses the office. “As many others know, it can be a struggle working from home – I enjoy the buzz of people. I’ve been finding ways new to adapt to working from home and to keep the energy high amongst the team”.  

Heidi has kindly shared a few of her tips to help keep us all sociable until lockdown ends.

Five ways to stay in touch when WFH

Maintain your network Seek out opportunities to talk to your co-workers and your wider professional network. 

Seize the moment Support initiatives within the company to encourage team engagement, wellness and overall happiness: a social events committee, a remote exercise group, or simply a virtual coffee chat.

Celebrate achievements Share success stories, how problems were overcome and roadblocks passed. This not only shows your leadership skills but also displays your colleagues and team as high performing.

Find your ally Ask your boss or mentor for their advice, information and support.

Weekly newsletter Share a weekly report on progress, key milestones hit and intentions for the next week.

If you’d like to read more then check out Heidi’s post on LinkedIn