DFP surges into 2021 with a refreshed Broker Profile

Broker Profile Time to grow your business

The UK’s B2B insurtech firm Digital Fineprint (DFP) is transforming the way insurance companies approach underwriting with its Broker Profile

Broker Profile helps clients find the best brokers out there so they can forge the strong relationships with SMEs that are key to their growth. It helps them market to brokers, analyse their existing relationships, and automate the compliance process. Ultimately, helping them grow their business.

“Underinsurance is a huge issue within the SME market and over 50 per cent have cut back on important insurance to reduce costs,” says Doug Franklin, the recently appointed CEO and former Commercial Director of DFP. “Our Broker Profile can help our clients grow new and existing broker relationships to help them tap into this £2.3 trillion market.”

Accurate segmentation

Broker Profile segments a database of active and experienced brokers not only in terms of specialism and geography, but also by growth and trading preference, enabling clients to discover the best brokers to support specific products. This segmentation works to deliver valuable insights into this key distribution network, allowing clients to widen their network of partnerships.

Broker Profile can help clients grow their business:

  • Reach a targeted but wider broker audience
  • Analyse existing broker relationships
  • Automate the process of insuring compliance while on boarding new brokers

Broker Profile can also help brokers raise their profile to insurance providers who are looking to increase or improve their roster.

Easy to use

Broker Profile connects easily with existing systems and offers a user-friendly interface, capturing all the relevant insights in one convenient place to help clients distribute and underwrite their insurance more easily and effectively.

“Our constantly evolving products, new website and recent additions to the team all reflect our commitment to what we believe are truly effective breakthroughs in the underwriting space,” adds Franklin.