About Us

Person reviewing Digital Fineprint website

So what do DFP do?

We have developed technology in the form of our powerful data sourcing API, which provides insurers the granular insights on SMEs they would otherwise find difficult, time-consuming, and expensive to acquire.

Our mission: Enabling Protection

Our objective is to protect all small businesses by equipping, empowering and enabling the insurance industry with the right tools to generate actionable SME insights.

 We provide the deepest, widest and most convenient dataset to help the insurance industry create more value at every step of the underwriting process.

The DFP Leadership Team

Ulrich Zink

Ulrich comes from Oracle and previously the ABI, overall, he has over 15 years of combined insurance and tech experience.

Douglas Franklin

Douglas joined DFP from RSA where he held a variety of roles focussed on improving business performance and delivering value.


Our investors

Digital Fineprint is backed by some of the UK’s leading InsurTech investors who have a track record of building successful businesses in the space. Our executive and advisory boards are made up of industry experts and leaders in software, insurance and venture capital.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, please get in touch.