About Us

Since its inception, insurance has been, fundamentally, a data-driven industry. In recent years, however, the volume, variety and velocity of data has changed. In short, data is no longer flat – it is 3 dimensional. New sources have also emerged and there is now a rich abundance of open source information (data that is freely available on the internet), such as reviews, government statistics, social posts and even data from websites of individual companies. However, in its current, unstructured format, it is hard for the insurance community to consume, decipher and act upon this wealth of intelligence

Digital Fineprint (DFP) addresses this challenge. An insurance-focused startup, DFP is helping SME insurers and brokers to drive actionable insights from open data by using AI and predictive analytics. 

Awards and Achievements

Our technology has received industry awards, patent pending status, strong traction and significant investment. We have been awarded “Best General Startup”, “Best InsurTech” at TDI, “Best FinTech” at Invest UK, “Best Investment in FinTech”, featured in the “TIE 50 top startups” in the world, and were listed in the Top 100 insurtech firms 2018.


Digital Fineprint is backed by some of the UK’s leading InsurTech investors who have a track record of building successful businesses in the space. Our executive and advisory boards are made up of industry experts and leaders in software, insurance and venture capital.