About Us

An insurance technology provider, DFP is helping insurers and brokers to drive actionable SME insights from open data by using AI and predictive analytics.

Our mission: Enabling Protection

Our mission is to protect all small businesses by equipping, empowering and enabling the insurance industry with the right tools to generate actionable SME insights.


The Leadership Team

Erik Abrahamsson

A serial entrepreneur, and ex-Twitter and P&G, Erik founded the company while on a scholarship at Oxford.

Alex Hammick

Alex joined DFP from Sovereign Capital, a private equity fund where he invested in insurance and tech firms.

Geth Dunne

Prior to DFP, Geth worked at Amazon, having started his career creating software for the insurance sector.

Ben Abbott

Ben’s a start-up veteran with a SaaS background, working in innovation and transformation with Insurance and FinServices.

Our awards


  • Best Insurtech Supplier at Digital and Insurtech Awards
  • Winners of UK Acord Insurance Innovation
  • Best InsurTech at TDI
  • Best FinTech at Invest UK
  • Best Investment in FinTech
  • Top 100 Insurtech firms 2018

Our investors

Digital Fineprint is backed by some of the UK’s leading InsurTech investors who have a track record of building successful businesses in the space. Our executive and advisory boards are made up of industry experts and leaders in software, insurance and venture capital.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, please get in touch.