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Our future looks bright

Peter Drucker, 1985 These are indeed changing times.  In March, like most of you, we said goodbye to our office and found ourselves working from home. The team has adapted well and are flourishing in the new working environments that … Read More

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Adopting AI in Insurance

On a balmy, September evening in London I attended a round table dinner, joined by a motley crew of actuaries, underwriters, CEOs of venture capital firms, data scientists and innovation-in-insurance experts. The event was focused on discussing the struggles Insurtechs … Read More

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The new $4m fundraise to support our scale-up ambitions

  September is the start of the conference season and this year we kicked it off by presenting at InsureTech Connect (ITC) in Las Vegas. This year we were happy and grateful to be on the “breaking news” stage and announce a … Read More

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7 smart ways to identify your perfect leads amongst 5.7m UK SMEs

Having analysed your existing book to profile your ‘perfect customer’, aligned your risk appetite and identified those most likely to close, how do you then prioritise the best leads from among 5.7 million UK SMEs? Where do you start? We’ve … Read More

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How AI is helping commercial insurers deliver what SMEs really want

Since its inception, insurance has been a data-driven industry. As the world changes, the way we consume, collect and manage data changes as well, which means constantly evolving how data and technology can be used to improve the way insurance … Read More

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Live data on SME changes and risks

A move from static data to live data in insurance

There has been a move away from static data towards live data in many areas of financial services. Whether it’s in stock trading, wealth management or even in SME lending, leading financial firms have found significant benefits and business growth … Read More

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Taming automation in Commercial Insurance

Along with Artificial intelligence (AI), automation has the ability to transform insurance for Small & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Automation is already creating new business models in other commercial sectors, facilitating new services, saving employees’ time and increasing organisational profits. Banks … Read More

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3 Customer Service Tips that work for Insurer-InsurTech partnerships

There have been more than 180 partnerships established between insurance providers and tech companies around the world since 2017. Incumbents and technology providers build partnerships to co-innovate and create value-added products, develop and explore new markets and segments. The number … Read More

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Leveraging Data For Greater Customer Insight

Insurance has always been a data-driven industry and in recent years the volume, variety and velocity of data have become three-dimensional. There is a rich abundance of open data available online and the insurance industry is actively looking for ways … Read More

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