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Underwriters versus AI: not quite the singularity yet

At DFP, It hasn’t escaped our notice that a lot of people are worried that ever-accelerating technology advances will soon put them out of a job. But before you break out your ‘Hail Our Computer Overlords’ placards...

Brilliant apart but better together

As technology evolves ever faster, we humans can sometimes feel left behind. In insurance, where human judgement has always been important, some underwriters feel that developments in artificial intelligence (AI) could be making their role obsolete.
Sales and Marketing

Marketing and sales – a relationship as old as business itself

The pandemic and lockdown have had an intriguing effect on the crucial rapport between marketing and sales in businesses. Here we get a perspective from both sides at DFP, analysing the importance of their roles and looking forward to the future.
No bees, no honey

Dan Keeley: Data Engineer or Worker Bee?

Do the worlds of beekeeping and data engineering align? 

Tommy Ashdown: Insurance is all about relationships

Tommy talks about how DFP is enhancing relationships, between insurers and brokers, using data.

Heidi Davies: DFP’s lockdown award-winner

Heidi Davies wins Best Customer Engagement Award

Digital Fineprint (DFP) appoints new CEO

Digital Fineprint announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Douglas Franklin, as Chief Executive Officer. Franklin previously held the position of Commercial Director.

Risky Business

This year has seen many changes in the way we all do business. One positive change is how DFP are transforming the way insurance companies assess and rate their customers’ risk profiles using Risk Alerts, our data-insight product for small commercial business.