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Making big data work for you

We provide the deepest, widest and most convenient dataset to help the insurance industry create more value at every step of the underwriting process.

DFP Digital Fineprint risk atlas

The DFP Risk Atlas data platform captures all relevant SME insights in a single API. This can help insurers distribute and underwrite SME insurance, and also drive efficiencies through cost savings. Our data covers the full universe of information about businesses, which is detailed below and in our data dictionary. 


We gather publicly available data on registered businesses and combine it with other sources of insights.


Our technology can capture insights from SME websites and social mentions.

DIRECTOR and financial data

Data on directors involved in a specific company and relevant financials, all treated in compliance with GDPR.

property data

Understand your customers' property insurance needs in real-time with a 360-degree overview.

...and much more

To receive a full data dictionary please use our contact us form.


Our API is accessible anytime and is regularly updated and improved.


Make real-time decisions, boosting accuracy and performance.


Incredibly scalable to fit your data needs.


Your data is safe with us. We are ISO certified and maintain enterprise-grade security standards.

Business benefits

Data is only valuable if it can solve business challenges. DFP brings three specific benefits to our customers:

1. underwriting insights

Underwrite smarter and faster, find the right risks to underwrite and improve your loss ratio.

2. Growth and retention

Find new commercial customers in our database covering over four million businesses.

3. reduceD costs

Significantly cheaper than legacy data providers, DFP can help you reduce your data costs and reduce time spent on research.

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