Improve the reach & profitability of your business in the SME insurance market

The DFP Risk Atlas suite creates a 360-view of real-time risk profiles and insurance needs for SMEs.

What are the key benefits?

  • Identify and risk select new SME leads 
  • Streamline your customer research process
  • Increase conversion rates  through in-depth customer insights in line with your risk appetite
  • Establish trust and engagement by understanding your SME customers’ insurance needs in real time
  • Quickly and efficiently grow your reach and presence in the SME marketplace 
  • A strong data asset for actionable underwriting insights
  • Optimise pricing for new business and at renewal 
  • Improve the loss ratio across your portfolio
  • A smoother customer journey using pre-filled data fields
  • Data-driven decision making for product recommendations
  • Improved conversion rates, cross-selling and retention

How does the Risk Atlas work?

Step 1

First, we gather your internal data, for example a list of prospects. 

Step 2

We combine your list of companies with proprietary and open data sources.

Step 3

This enriched data asset generates unique, helpful, instantly accessible risk insights.

Step 4

These insights are delivered to you via our own platform, our APIs, or your CRM and through other partners.


The DFP Risk Atlas

DFP Risk Atlas suite creates actionable SME insights that help insurers deepen existing and create strong new relationships at every stage of their customer engagement process.


A lead generation platform that helps you bring in new business and generate greater volumes of higher quality SME clients in real time.                           


A customer knowledge platform that helps to build profitable sales relationships with your SME clients by showing them that you really understand them and their business risks.


A product recommendation platform that lets your prospective SMEs explore and understand their own insurance risks and needs.


An intelligent analytics platform that allows you to maximise customer lifetime value and increase renewal rates by staying on top of your business book changes in real-time.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you, please get in touch.