Our Products

Our enterprise SaaS platform allows insurers and brokers to pick the modules most relevant to their unique business objectives.

Our suite of products help insurance organisations achieve better distribution performance from their commercial books.
We support the entire distribution process of insurance, ranging from identifying new leads and targeting and converting prospective customers, to real-time monitoring of your existing business and maximising existing customers’ lifetime value.


A lead generation tool that helps to identify new leads in profitable segments based on data analytics-driven outcomes and user controlled variables.

  • Identify new leads
  • Aligns with your risk
  • Precisely define and build your target markets


A customer knowledge platform for your brokers or insurance agents to generate key insights into the needs of your prospective customers.

  • Drives deeper understanding of your prospective customers and their needs
  • Reduces the time spent on customer research
  • Improves sales effectiveness, leading to increased conversions


A product recommendation engine that helps educate new customers about their insurance risks and needs based on their business’ characteristics.

  • Increase customer conversion and cross-sell
  • Create an improved, more engaging customer experience
  • Reduce likelihood of under-insurance


An intelligent analytics platform that allows you to track your book in real time, and identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities within your existing customers.

  • Automated 'Risk Manager' captures real-time changes in your customers’ profiles
  • Provides actionable insights for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Maximises customer lifetime value